July 2012 Work Bee photos 1: Beginnings and Endings

Given that there were nearly 200 photos taken of the work parties, I’ve sorted them out into several posts on different topics.

Here’s how the site looked when we started on Wednesday, and some photos of the materials piled at the beginning

beginning - Wed - the task list beginning - Wed - tools and materials at the start materials - Wed - starting materials piles beginning - Wed - field with hoses laid out beginning - Wed - stumps that will become a table


Day’s end on Wednesday

endwed - Wed - sprinkling the new beds endwed - Wed - near the end of teh day - new mulched beds



materials - Wed - wood milled from the trees material-moving - Sat - screening compost materials - Wed - crew removing plastic tape from cardboard materials - Wed - delivering more materials materials - Wed - digging compost out of the giant pile materials - Wed - starting materials piles

Saturday’s start

Satbeginning - postholes, pond, and task list

Saturday’s end.

endsat - surveying the results

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