July 2012 Work Bee photos 2: making beds

The main job on Wednesday was to create mulch beds according to the design. This involved:

  • marking out the beds by digging small trenches (throwing the clods into the bed)
  • lining the trenches with newspaper to stop the grass from growing into the new beds
  • wetting down the newspaper
  • breaking up the clods in the bed areas
  • digging a mulch pit in the centre of each bed, to act as a water reservoir
  • filling the pit with mulch
  • laying cardboard over the top
  • wetting the cardboard
  • adding organic materials on top of the cardboard – grass clippings, compost, etc
  • mulching over top of the whole lot

makingbeds - Wed - bed with compost and mulch over the cardboard makingbeds - Wed - breaking up clods on new bed area makingbeds - Wed - breaking up sod clumps on bed area makingbeds - Wed - demping mulch onto a bed makingbeds - Wed - design edges take shape makingbeds - Wed - good use for old Peak issues makingbeds - Wed - lining bed edge trenches with newspaper makingbeds - Wed - lining trench edges and wetting them down makingbeds - Wed - much mulch completed makingbeds - Wed - outlines taking shape makingbeds - Wed - seas of cardboard laid out makingbeds - Wed - shapes with newspapers in trenches makingbeds - Wed - wetting down cardboard makingbeds - Wed - wetting trenches down before lining with newspaper makingbeds - Wed - a sea of cardboard being wetted down makingbeds - Wed - bed with cardboard added


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