July 2012 Work Bee photos 3: the pond

The pond was created over 2 days: dug on Wednesday, then lined and filled on Saturday. It’s filled almost to the top with gravel for safety.

pond - Wed - pond dug and surrounded by mulch pond - Wed - pond ready for lining pond - Wed - the beginnings of the pond pond - Wed - the pond gets deeper more pond - Wed - the pond gets deeper pond - Wed - tunneling under the path for the water line to the pond pond - Sat - arranging pond liner edges and gravel pond - Sat - cleaning up the pond hole for lining pond - Sat - Mischa contemplating in the pond pond - Sat - mischa in teh watery pond pond - Sat - pond with doubled lumber-wrap waterproof liner, gets filled with gravel pond - Sat - raking gravel in teh pond pond - Sat - Rob and Raina in the pond lined with mill felt pond - Sat - rocks to edge the pond


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