July 2012 Work Parties

We held two work parties on July 18th and 21st, which resulted in a total transformation of the NE triangle section of the church property between the side of the church and the main street it fronts onto. Here are a few comments on how it went: pictures to follow.

After Wednesday, Karen wrote:

Yesterday was awesome! Thank you all!

The super ending with a growler picnic on the spiral. Bad Karen and I sat on the bench for a while, watched the crows play in the pond pit. A sun beam landed on us, before it settled behind the Wildwood hill. Heavenly AAHH!!
I met some of the kids who live in the church next door; they were really sad the trees were taken down. When I told them an edible food forest was going in on Saturday and we would need their help collecting the food treasures, delight filled the empty spot. Then they asked me if they could play in the pit too.
Two more neighbors on the parking lot lane visited with me while I set up the sprinkler system today. They love it.
Some deer or rabbit left some scat for today, so look out on Saturday. I took a picture I was so thrilled. Have a great time Saturday!

After Saturday, Ron wrote:

Ahhhh – Wasn’t that a whole lot of fun?

As I walked by the site this morning to look for deer damage (none!) and to see if there was still water in the pond (yup!) I had a some wonderful images of people planting, building, digging, hauling and smiling flash through my mind. I think we have christened the space with lots of great community energy and good intentions – a great base to grow from. Thanks to all for each of our unique contributions throughout the past week. This really was a great team effort!
Nice rain today to bless and nurture all of our work!
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