Fall Planting in the Permaculture Garden

Are you dividing up your perennials and don’t know what to do with all those extra plants? Well here’s a great idea!! The following plants are wanted for Townsite Anglican Church Community Permaculture Garden:


Daylilies, lupins, anise hyssop, garden hyssop, artichokes, sorrel, bloody dock, betony, Karl Forester Reed Grass, perennial flax, any perennial herbs.

Ground covers:

Creeping thymes, wild strawberry, domestic strawberry, hens and chicks, stone crops, Roman Chamomile, creeping mints.


Broad bean/fava bean, winter pea, vetch, crimson clover.


Autumn olive, goji berry, sea buckthorn (thornless variety)

We will be happy to receive any plant contributions from Saturday Sept 29 to Wednesday, October 8. Please drop off at the church (on Sycamore in Townsite) and leave by the garden in a shady spot, or at the home of Ron Berezan 6370 Oak Street (604 223-4800).

Thanks for supporting this community project!


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