Hugelkultur Happens

What is Hugelkultur? Ancient gardening culture making a big comeback in Powell River these days. Yesterday, Ron led a hugelkultur workshop at Sycamore Commons, so expect to see even more of these beds popping up in your neighbourhood.

Hugelkultur is a raised bed system that uses a lot of wood at it’s core, surrounded by a lot more organic matter. It provides fertility and great moisture retention for many years. It also creates a home for an amazing amount of microbial life, supporting the health of all of your plants.

Core of the hugelkultur bedWe begin by digging a small trench and laying logs and sticks and stumps in the trench.




More WoodWood Chips








We cover the logs with wood chips and hay.





Coffee grounds to keep the garden buzzing.

coffee groundsmanure







More Manure










And finally soil.







Triumphant Hugelkulturists!

snail love





Enjoyed by all creatures great and smallishly great.

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