March PDC weekend thoughts from Kelli

I just would like to begin my sentiments with a quote, that I unfortunately do not know who to attribute to, but it resonates with the reasons I am taking permaculture design.    “Gardening is a peasant way of life, born in necessity, but grown through loving labour to a form of meditation, a communal bond, and a season rhythm transcending the clockwork haste of a global society driven by technocrazy.”

I am finding this course to be continually fascinating… that’s the first thing that comes to mind to say about it.   The permaculture design course is opening my heart and mind in so many ways.   Maybe ways that I was once so innocently open to but forgot along the way… the way of the “world” seems to have a slight tendency to apathy… or perhaps atrophy.   Maybe they are the same thing, a closed heart… but the way of the Earth… and of peoples true nature and desires, our hopes and dreams, is for health and true wealth and community. There is so much we can do, so much I am learning, that my heart is opening like a flower in the spring.

There is so much possibility, so much potential, so much reason to be optimistic.   The fundamental practices of permaculture, and this wisdom that the very earth gives to us, is a very sacred thing.    It all seems so simple, so sensible, and so humble… yet, what on earth have we been doing for over a century now?    It has been total madness, we have been creatures gone crazy!  But no matter how far you have gone down the wrong road, go back!

The wayshowers… the birds and the bees, the plants and the trees… they beckon, saying follow me.    So, who am I not to listen to so much grace, strength and wisdom, that the very Creator of the universe and all infinity has stretched out in time and space before me.

The dimensions and facets of permaculture are mind boggling.  So much to learn and each answer or insight just has me asking for more and more answers.  That is to say, I’m so very curious, in a chesire cat way.   The deeper we go, it just gets “curiouser and curiouser” and this is such a beautiful thing.

I could go on about all the things we learned this weekend, but to just say we learned about climate, water, soil and composting, trees and forest gardens, contour mapping, home made EM, and A frames, solar north etc etc etc… just doesn’t come close to even describing what the teachings brought to me, how they can be applied to life in so many ways.   Invisible structures, roots, energy exchange.  Rhizomes and roots and fungi and isotopes that seem to quantum leap from tree to tree like sub atomic particles through time and space.  I am so grateful to be participating in this course and project, sincerely.

The people I am in attendence with, students and teachers, each also bringing such unique skills, knowledge and light to the collective experience.   In summary, a simple word, AMAZING.

Looking forward to when we meet again!


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